Ableton's undo.cfg is blocked for delete

Gotta a question for you guys:
So I have a non-JUCE plugin which opens another window with extends JUCEApplication.
Now, for some reason. while the other window is running, I have no permission to delete Ableton’s undo.cfg (this file, which is located at AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live 9.6.1\Preferences\ , saves the undo history of the entire project so it can be restored if crashed etc.).
The problem is, when trying to save the project, Ableton will attempt to delete this file. After failing to do so, (the file is open by the JUCEApplication and cannot be deleted through windows file explorer as well) it gives an error that the file cannot be deleted, and that from now on undo information will not be saves in the current instance of Ableton. This is bad for me for reasons :slight_smile:

Was hoping someone would have some insights about this. where can I try and figure out the connection between that file and my JUCEapp? can I detach them? I actually don’t want ANY history to be saved for that window, as it has no parameters which can be changed (only viewed).

All the best,
Iftach Y

More of a question for Ableton than us, I think. (Unless maybe some Ableton devs are reading this…)

So you’re basically implying that you don’t know of any specific behavior regarding this undo.cfg?
This is probably good to hear. I’ll ask Ableton.

Never heard of the file, and have no idea what it does, it’s an Ableton thing. Nothing to do with JUCE at all.

Thanks a lot brother!