About audioDeviceManager class in 1.50

Hi, jules
How are you doing?
I compared the audioDeviceManager class in 1.46 with 1.50.
I use one function before,
getAvailableAudioDeviceNames(), but now it is gone in 1.50.
I found that If I want to get all the device name, no matter what’s type it is .
I need to use the audioIODeviceType index to find the devices under it, and get all Available audiodevice name by loop the types.(some device may be under different types.)

If I want to get all the device name no matter its type, is it the only way I can do it as I said above.

Another thing is , is the bit in BitArray to set active channels changed?


Yep. That’s how it works now.

The active channels bits still do the same thing, though obviously a particular set of bits that you were using under 1.46 won’t work in 1.50 because the devices are different.