About the Feature Requests category

This category contains a list of feature requests that all forum users can contribute to and vote on.

The JUCE team will use the number of votes for each topic to gauge the JUCE community’s interest in that feature. There is, of course, no guarantee that highly voted requests will be added to JUCE, but the higher the number of votes the more likely the feature is to be prioritised by the JUCE developers.

Initially everyone will have three transferrable votes. Use them wisely!


Possible OCD but can we rename it to “Feature Request” (singular)? It would make more sense when reading items on the forum, as each item is a single FR.

It might look better on the list of posts in one of the top level views, but it’s a category name not a label. A category of “Feature Request” doesn’t make sense.

Maybe more than three votes … given the spread of ideas!

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Is there a routine in place to get feedback about Feature Requests?
I am looking at a list of roughly >100 requests, and I think 3 resolved.

IMHO that picture doesn’t do your great work justice…

I second @jimc idea of giving far more than 3 votes. Unlimited ones, perhaps?
That way, a picture of what matters the most will reveal more clearly, and perhaps that will give the JUCE team a stronger drive towards implementing what received the most feedback.

And yes - 3 fixed in 12 months of having the feature requests thing open … ?:slight_smile:

If it was me I’d have a single (public) system for queuing work so everything was in one place.