About the new Fifo class

I just took a quick look at the new abstractFifo class.
Could it be possible to use it in combination with the AudioThumbnail class, in order to draw a waveform thumbnail for an audio file being recorded?
I ask this because currently the AudioThumbnail class can work only with “finished” audio files (files with a proper header).

P.S. Julian, I think the comments in juce_AbstractFifo.h for void prepareToRead are wrong… (look at the @param parts)

Thanks, I’ll check the comments - they were done quite hurriedly.

I can’t really see how it’d help with the thumbnail class - it’s the thumbnail class itself that needs tweaking to be able to take a live input. (In fact, I think I’m going to need to do exactly that for a contract I’m working on at the moment, so you can expect that functionality to be added very soon…)


prepareToWrite (numItems, start1, size1, start2, size2);

jules, is it ok, to call prepareToWrite and the check if (size1+size2)<numItems, and if its true, then wait until the buffer has enough free space again?

Yes indeed.

Alternatively, you could call getFreeSpace() to see how much space there is.

(In fact, I should make those prepareToWrite methods const, so that it’s clear that you can keep calling them without affecting the object’s state…)

Any news about the AudioThumbnail class?

Haven’t done it yet, probably will do within the next couple of weeks.