Accelerated 2D Graphics on Windows/Android

It looks like only macOS/iOS are using accelerated 2D graphics via native APIs until yet, Android and Windows still using Software CPU-rendering, am i right? OpenGL always feels a little bit clumsy especially on different devices and in plugins.
Is there any plan to replace the graphic rendering on Windows (Direct2D?) and Android (Canvas?)

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IIRC @jules had a half finished implementation of a Direct2D renderer, perhaps he can be more informative about the state of that


I don’t think anything is happening with it, I try to get it working periodically but can never get it to compile (I’m pretty sure it’s only falling more and more behind). As someone who prefers Windows as my main development environment, it’s a little sad to still be stuck with the software renderer, as the performance is really bad in HiDPI environments (compared to CoreGraphics on macOS).

To the JUCE team: I know the realities of software development and I’m sure you guys are always slammed with work, but please consider taking a little time to finish the D2D renderer, especially if it’s already “almost done”!


HiDPI is a really good argument!

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+1 for Windows !


+1 for speed


Subpixel-Font Rendering

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Well, you already got this when you enable JUCE_USE_DIRECTWRITE ?

Yes?, imho DirectWrite only creates the shape, which is rendered by the SoftwareRenderer

oh yeah ? I though it was the case. My bad then.