Access to a ThreadPool's lock

I’ve run into a situation where I’d like to look at, and potentially operate on all the jobs in a ThreadPool. It would be helpful to have access to the currently private ThreadPool::lock member. Would you consider either adding an accessor or making the member protected so I can create a child class with an accessor?

Thanks much.


I could make it protected, though it’s the sort of class that isn’t really supposed to be subclassed - its internal workings could change in future and break your code. What exactly are you trying to do? There might be something else I could add that would let you do what you need.

I want to iterate through all the jobs in a ThreadPool and remove some of them. In this case, I’m using a subclass of ThreadPoolJob that has some other attribute I use to decide whether to remove or not.

So it’s similar to removeAllJobs but more like removeSomeJobs.

Hmm, yes, that sort of thing gets very hairy in terms of thread-safety with all those jobs coming and going. Maybe a method that takes a callback function and calls it for each of the active jobs, asking whether that job should be deleted?

I suppose some kind of callback would work but it feels way more complicated than making the member protected and allowing a child class to deal with it.

I think I changed my mind. The logic in ThreadPool::removeAllJobs is complicated enough that trying to get it right in a child class seems risky. A callback does seem better.

Yes, that was my thinking… It’s really a lot hairier than you’d expect.

Is it helpful if I come up with a patch?

Sure - that’d be really helpful!

At long last, I’ve got a patch – a git diff. I can’t figure out how to attach it to the post. All of the extensions I choose are “not allowed.” What’s the best way to get you the patch?

Please don’t send me an actual patch file - I can’t stand messing about with them. I’d rather just compare your new file with my own version so I can easily see what the changes are.

I can send the whole file(s) (juce_ThreadPool.h and juce_ThreadPool.cpp). Should I just email them to you?

Sure, send it over. Thanks!


Thanks, will take a look as soon as poss.