Add "build version" to Projucer and corresponding #define to AppConfig.h

Would be nice to have a “build version” that can be either edited manually or bumped with a Projucer command invocation.

Of course can do this outside of Projucer, but my guess is it’s something that would be handy for a lot of people.

You mean additionally to ProjectInfo::versionString and Projucer --bump-version foo.jucer?


I would love to see an actual button in ProJucer that you can click to bump up the version number. If I’m using ProJucer, I don’t want to use it via command line.

Another request: I’ve found some StackOverflow code that’ll actually put the last commit hash into the project as a #define. I feel that it’s always helpful to see a version number but to also see a (partial) commit hash number is even better because you can see exactly which version customers are using if you send them beta software.