Add "Extra Compiler Flags" for each plug-in type in Projucer

Could you please add a section for “Extra Compiler Flags” in the Projucer for each different plug-in type? (VST, AU, RTAS etc.)
I use this to turn on some extra warnings, which I like for my own code, but which spew a lot of warnings for some of the SDKs. I’d like to have the extra warnings turned on just for the architectures which have a well-maintained SDK which doesn’t trigger many warnings.


Hi Dan,

sounds like a reasonable request but it would be a lot of work in the Projucer’s code and adding some UX to the Projucer to support it nicely.

Also, right now, the Projucer does not even support setting individual compiler flags for debug/release (apart from optimisation flags, code-stripping and options related to floating point support). So we’d probably add that first.

It’s not something we have time for right now but I’ve added it to our backlog.