Add FlexBox as child to GroupComponent

Hi Is there a way to add Flexbox as a Child do GroupComponent?

I don’t want to make a component class specially for holding flexbox.

The main reason is that I would like to have a nested flexboxes from one class.
Flexbox is not a component so I cant add him to a GroupComponent.

The picture show how it supose to look like:

Is It possible?

I have the same question, do you have any new idea in the meantime?

The best way is probably to add a new component to hold the inner FlexBox.

If that approach isn’t suitable for some reason, you can do your layout in multiple phases. The following should be treated as pseudocode, to illustrate the technique.

FlexBox outer;
outer.items = {
  FlexItem{}.withFlex (1.0f), // a placeholder item
  FlexItem{}.withMinHeight (50.0f), // another placeholder
outer.performLayout (getLocalBounds());

FlexBox inner;
inner.items = {
  FlexItem { dialA }.withFlex (1.0f),
  FlexItem { dialB }.withFlex (1.0f),
// Lay out this FlexBox using the bounds of a placeholder item from earlier.
// You could also use reduced() to leave space for a border drawn by a GroupComponent
inner.performLayout (outer.items[0].currentBounds);