Add project to visual studio

Is there any way to add a project to Visual Studio other than those generated by the Projucer?

I could add it directly from within VS, but the Projucer would overwrite the solution file everytime I launch the project from there, so I wonder if I can add the vcxproj file from the Projucer.

no. all changes for projects must be made through the projucer. it only regenerates projects. This can be an initial hurdle for some people, but once you get the flow down, it is so natural to use it.

It’s a shame that the Projucer’s Visual Studio Exporter does not have a “Subproject” field like Xcode’s does.

I add a subproject to my VS Projucer-managed project, that compiles a static library and links it in. It is also a Projucer-managed project. But it’s become very natural to just re-add the project into the main one everytime I need to launch from the Projucer. It’s only a few steps:

  1. File: Add existing project…
  2. Right click on main project and Build Dependencies > set to rely on static library.

This is unnecessary with Xcode’s exporter, because you can specifically enter a subproject path.

Exactly my same situation. Yes it’s an easy task to add the extra project every time, but I was hoping there was a specific option in the Projucer.