Add Resource.rc file to VisualStudio


Some plugins I work on require a 3rd party licenser resource file (.rc) which needs to be added to each plugin target within VisualStudio (vst, vst3, aax). It’s not enough to just add it to the shared code target.

Is it possible to automate this from the Projucer? Either directly or through some script?


IIRC, Projucer will filter source files based on suffixes. For instance, modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/juce_audio_plugin_client_AAX.cpp is only added to the AAX target because it ends with _AAX. I am not sure whether that will work but you could try the following:

  • copy and rename (add the corresponding suffix) the resource file for each plugin format
  • add all .rc files to the project in Projucer (exclude the original one from compilation)

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply.

Adding the _AAX etc suffixes copies the renamed resource files to the individual VS projects. Unfortunately the 3rd party framework completely ignores the renamed versions. It’s a start…

I have the same problem. I must add a custom resource file (.rc) to each plugin target in VisualStudio (standalone, vst, vst3, aax).
Adding it only to the shared code project does not work.

I tried renaming the file from MyResource.rc to both MyResource_AAX.rc and MyResource.rc_AAX but it was always added with the new name to the shared code project.

Is it possible to use JUCE_USER_DEFINED_RC_FILE to include my custom RC file? I’m not sure how to set the value for JUCE_USER_DEFINED_RC_FILE so that it works with the RC compiler?

Do we have a solution for that in JUCE6?


I’ve merged a fix for the Projucer that should allow JUCE_USER_DEFINED_RC_FILE to work: