Add waitUntil() method to WaitableEvent

I can of course wrap this up into a free function my end but it seems a reasonable addition and easy enough to add, diff below.

diff --git a/modules/juce_core/threads/juce_WaitableEvent.cpp b/modules/juce_core/threads/juce_WaitableEvent.cpp
index 8b01c4db2..223fbe248 100644
--- a/modules/juce_core/threads/juce_WaitableEvent.cpp
+++ b/modules/juce_core/threads/juce_WaitableEvent.cpp
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ WaitableEvent::WaitableEvent (bool manualReset) noexcept
-bool WaitableEvent::wait (int timeOutMilliseconds) const
+bool WaitableEvent::wait (int64 timeOutMilliseconds) const
     std::unique_lock<std::mutex> lock (mutex);
@@ -52,6 +52,14 @@ bool WaitableEvent::wait (int timeOutMilliseconds) const
     return true;
+bool WaitableEvent::waitUntil (const juce::Time& timeToWaitUntil) const
+    auto timeOutMilliseconds = (timeToWaitUntil - juce::Time::getCurrentTime()).inMilliseconds();
+    timeOutMilliseconds = juce::jmax (0ll, timeOutMilliseconds);
+    return wait (timeOutMilliseconds);
 void WaitableEvent::signal() const
diff --git a/modules/juce_core/threads/juce_WaitableEvent.h b/modules/juce_core/threads/juce_WaitableEvent.h
index 3e31a9772..9868501f9 100644
--- a/modules/juce_core/threads/juce_WaitableEvent.h
+++ b/modules/juce_core/threads/juce_WaitableEvent.h
@@ -58,10 +58,30 @@ public:
         @param timeOutMilliseconds  the maximum time to wait, in milliseconds. A negative
                                     value will cause it to wait forever.
-        @returns    true if the object has been signalled, false if the timeout expires first.
-        @see signal, reset
+        @returns    true if the object has been signalled, false if the timeout expires first.
+        @see waitUntil, signal, reset
-    bool wait (int timeOutMilliseconds = -1) const;
+    bool wait (int64 timeOutMilliseconds = -1) const;
+    /** Suspends the calling thread until the event has been signalled.
+        This will wait until the object's signal() method is called by another
+        thread, or the specified time is reached.
+        After the event has been signalled, this method will return true and if
+        manualReset was set to false in the WaitableEvent's constructor, then
+        the event will be reset.
+        @param timeToWaitUntil  the time to wait until. A time in the past will
+                                return as if called with the current time.
+        @returns    true if the object has been signalled, false if the specified
+                    time is reached first.
+        @see wait, signal, reset
+     */
+    bool waitUntil (const juce::Time& timeToWaitUntil) const;
     /** Wakes up any threads that are currently waiting on this object.