Adding additional dependencies and libraries to build configuration


I’m trying to add some libraries to my c++ project. I found a couple of the settings I need in the projcer like Header search paths and Extra library paths.

For my program to work I need to add Additional Dependencies and Libraries. in These locations:

However, each time I restart my project the fields are wiped. I assume this is because the projucer overwrites them.

Is there a way to specify these fields in the projucer?


What version of Visual Studio are you using? I was expecting to see “Linker” where it says “Librarian”…

I don’t think you can specify those fields directly, but there’s probably another way of solving the problem from within the Projucer. What libraries are you adding?

I’m using Visual Studio 2017. I also expected Linker instead of Librarian.

I’m adding the Leap Motion library, following this tutorial.

FWIW, Librarian should only appear if your project is set up as a static lib or DLL.


Well it looks like the usual method for adding external libraries to a project doesn’t work when you’re creating a static lib or DLL.

I’m a little surprised as this bug must have existed for years without anyone else reporting it!