Adding external libraries to via Introjucer

I'm struggling to work out how to add external libraries to an Android build using Introjucer. 

I am using Aubio in my project and found an example build file for Android:

Of course I can copy and adjust it for my needs but it would be overwitten each time I save the project. I can't see a space in Introjucer to add external dependancies in this way. "External libraries to link" just seems to add to the compile flags. 


The other approach I guess is to build each library seperately and include the .so files, which I guess can be added to the compile flags.. 

But adding a library to the compile flags is exactly how you do it.. (?) E.g. if you had a library called libfoo, you'd just add a flag -lfoo.

OK, I assume that the library would need to be prebuilt in that case? 

Well yes.. a library that isn't built is just some source code, so not sure what you would expect it to do.

Ok thanks for the clarification this is new territory for me! 

Got it working now, see my comment in this thread: