Adding lame.exe to a Project


I’m wondering about the steps to add lame.exe to my project so I can render audio as an MP3.
I’ve got LAME and MP3 Enabled in my juce_audio_formats module:

When I go to set the RenderOptions using te::RenderOptions::forGeneralExporter() the lame.exe filepath doesn’t seem to resolve and so void LAMEManager::registerAudioFormat (AudioFileFormatManager& affm) never succeeds in registering LAME, it seems.

Instead of getting an mp3 I get this assert:

This is the path provided in tracktion_LAMEManager.cpp auto defaultLame = juce::File::getSpecialLocation (juce::File::currentExecutableFile).getSiblingFile ("lame.exe");

The result is that the rendering process defaults to wav format and I get a wav file named MyRender.mp3 or some such.

Any help would be appriciated!