Adding Video / Animation to Plugin Gui

We want to place a loop animation in our plugins GUI, something like this:

The animation / video will play repeatedly. Which format must we use? GIF or MP4?

JPEG/PNG image strips probably would be more efficient compared to MP4. Because you don’t need codec for video nor the audio track.

The same mechanism with drawing filmstrip knob, but instead of mouse drag / slider value changes you could utilise Timer to increment the frame.

24hz (24 frame per second) is sufficient to get smooth animation. Thus if your animation is 5 second loop, you only need 120 frames unique graphic stitched into a single image. If the the size aren’t that big, i guess the overhead would be more less like a big knob.

To optimize the whole image file size (before compile it as binary) without losing any visible quality you could use ImageOptim or PNGYu or similar tool (which basically pngquant lib UI tools for lossless image compression).