AddInstanceForFactory: No factory registered for id

Hi, I am working on code from 2019 that was working at the time with Juce 5. Now compiling with Juce 7 and MacOS 13.2. I am getting this runtime error and am unable to trace down its source. Something tells me I have seen this kind of error before. Can anyone offer any suggestions on what to try? The state of the Xcode compiler is that it is runtime mode but the GUI does not get created.

This is printed by the system. It shouldn’t have any effect on the running program. If you’re seeing unexpected behaviour, the cause will be something else. It might be helpful to use a debugger to trace execution when you attempt to open a window, so that you can find out where things are going wrong.

Thank you for the reply. I’ll ignore it then. Now I am getting an assertion error: JUCE Assertion failure in in SystemStats::OperatingSystemType SystemStats::getOperatingSystemType().

The line is:

jassert (parts[0].getIntValue() == 10);

That line doesn’t exist anywhere on the develop branch. I guess you might still be using an older version of JUCE.

Hi, yes, I have now compiled and run my code with Juce 5. But the audio does not seem to work, will juce 5 audio i/o work with Mac OS 13.2?

Difficult to say. We don’t test or patch older JUCE versions for new OSes, so there’s a chance it might not work.