addMakeVisiable a pointer to an object

AudioThumbnailComp.cpp (1.4 KB)
I need to use multiple copies of the same object in this case AudioThumbnailComp which shouPreformatted textld display a waveform. I’ve made an pointer to the object. however using addMakeVisiable(AudioThumFilePlayerGui1.cpp (7.2 KB)
bnailComp) doesn’t have any results where make just an object type would have done. Wats happening here?

A component can have only one parent and can be added only once to that parent component. You will need to create multiple components that share the same AudioThumbnail object.

so in my MainComponent1.h (1.7 KB) make an object array of FilePlayerGui. But then in side theFilePlayerGui1.h (2.0 KB)
I make a pointer to AudioThumbnailComp. For each new FilePlayerGui element in main, I thought a new pointer is made to AudioThumbnailComp and therefore I can’t display separate audio files. AudioThumbnailComp is built in the FilePlayerGui.
FilePlayerGui also has a pointer FilePlayer1.hpp (1.5 KB) and that seemed to allow me to load separate space to load a file for each separate Gui. so I can so far play multiple files (just not diplay them). What I did with fileplayer I thought I did with AudioThumnailComp?

FilePlayer1.cpp (4.0 KB)
also uses a AudioThumbnailComp where to file is loaded. This is just an object however, but i need this to be the same object that FilePlayerGui displays. If I just make an object of AudioThumbailComp in FilePlayerGui and FilePlayer, this is just one single object shared by multiple instances of FilePlayerGui/FilePlayer? So it can only display one file? Would I use a pointer in both the FilePlayerGui/FilePlayer so with each new instances of the object a new place in memory is made? How can I be sure that the file I load in FilePlayer is loaded In the same FilePlayerGui