addMidiInputCallback() is deprecated. What are we supposed to use instead?

Hey there. I’m pretty new to JUCE so I’m still very much feeling my way around. Following the “Handling Midi Events” tutorial, the Device Manager’s “addMidiInputCallback()” function is used to setup receiving Midi. The documentation lists this function as deprecated now though, so I’m not sure what the currently accepted way to set this up is. Is there an updated tutorial that would demonstrate this?

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That method has been deprecated in favour of addMidiInputDeviceCallback() which takes a device identifier instead of a device name. This was in tandem with the changes to the MidiInput/Output classes which replaced the old name-based methods with id-based ones (like getAvailableDevices()).

Thanks for pointing out that the tutorials are out of date, I’ll get them updated to use the new methods.

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