addSound velocity Range?

I want to create a MIDI instrument using the SynthesiserSound * Synthesiser::addSound(const SynthesiserSound::Ptr & newSound) function. However, I want to add 2 sounds to the C3 note. For example, I want sampleA to play for velocities between 0-100, and sampleB to play for velocities between 101-127. Is there a way to do this using the addSound function? Thank you in advance for your help.

maybe you could do it by intercepting the played note, and if it is greater than the desired velocity send it on channel 2, which can be validated in the function appliesToChannel of the SamplerSound class

     void noteOn(int midiChannel, int midiNoteNumber, float velocity) override
         juce::Synthesiser::noteOn(velocity > 0.8 ? 1 : 2, midiNoteNumber, velocity);

Thanx Marcusonic, I solved my problem with this answer on the forum

I think it would be much easier if you intercept the note and depending on the velocity you play it in another not used, for example in C0. Then it would suffice to do the check in the SamplerSound class so that it plays each velocity sampler just as if it were another independent note