Advice or algo's for displaying waveforms?

I’ve chatted with bithead a bit about algos for quickly displaying waveform data. I guess resampling of sorts…? anyone else out there got any advice they’d like to share? interesting links… :wink:

The most obvious way would be to search the file for the min and max sample values for the range a pixel covers then drawing a vertical line between the two. Is this not fast enough?

mod and I are discussing this on AIM this very moment…

jtx000… that’s how I wrote it actually (the current source posted I found a mistake which has been fixed), but I realized something… I’ve been compiling as a debug, so I compiled as a release and it’s SO much faster. Also I bumped up the zoomFactor that I use, and it’s working pretty nice now… even fullscreen (f’n schweetness!)

wh00oT! :smiley: :shock: :lol: 8) :wink:

awsome :smiley: