AIFC (Compressed AIFF) not read properly

Hi, it seems that the JUCE format reader (juce_audio_formats\codecs\juce_AiffAudioFormat.cpp) doesn’t handle AIFC (compressed AIFF) files very well:
For example, an audio file that was exported as 32 bits float is ill-parsing the sampleSize value.
The reason is that “For compressed sound data, sampleSize indicates the number of bits in the original sound data before
compression.” (

The mentioned file has a compression type of “fl32” which must be taken into account.
I’ll be happy to supply an audio file demonstrating this, however it can easily be generated using Cubase->Export as 32 bit float.
Using JUCE 6.0.7.

I can hack around it when chunkName==“fl32”, by readjusting bitsPerSample and bytesPerFrame. However I’d be happy with a robust solution.