Alertwindow on top of AlwaysOnTop component

On OSX, if you add a component to the desktop, like a splash or a progress window, set it to stayontop, it covers any alert windows that popup, hiding them from the user.
On windows this works fine. Should not alert windows have a special priority also on osx, or is this by design?

Hi Nikolai,

That seems like a good request, I’ll look into what changes will be necessary and get back to you.


Hey Nikolai,

This should be fixed on develop now.


Thank you, so it was that simple :smirk:
A related issue is that we get complaints that the Juce AlwaysOnTop windows stay on top of other applications when the Juce app is “out of focus”

This is definitely not fine on Windows. I’ll try and work out a test case, but I certainly can get into a lock-up where an alert window is underneath some other always-on-top window …