Allow Dynamic Time-stretched Playback

I saw that Dynamic Time-stretched Playback has moved up to the top of the roadmap.
I was wondering if adding support for the Rubber Band Library (Rubber Band Audio Time Stretcher Library) was apart of this. You talked about maybe adding that in many years ago.

It’s not really a priority for us because we have support for Elastique for high quality stretching.
The other reason is that I have never used Rubber Band before so it would be a bit of a learning curve. One thing that I’m worried about is the dependancies of Rubber Band, last time I looked you needed to link with a bunch of 3rd party libraries which makes the build process that much more complex.

Having said that. If someone wants to help out and get that part working and show me the (very few) API calls required to actually process the audio I could probably finish it off by adding it to the library.