Amalgamated juce and debugger (wrong lines shown)

when i use JUCE as a library i get normal breakpoints and the editor shows me the line that triggered the breakpoint

when i use amalagamated juce VS2008 shows me some bogus lines, i was getting a breakpoint about too small midiin buffer in the midiinput thread and amalgamated version was taking me to FileBrowserComponent, is there some option in the project to generate the right debugging symbols ?

yes, it seems that the debugger has a fixed size data structure for its line info. The debugger can map code to lines only till the line 65536. I did not yet find an option for extending this limit.

Best, Knutterton

crap :frowning:

would it be possible to split the amlagameted juce into a couple of files ? i know that this is maybe dumb but still 100 files instead of 3-4 files.

I tried this (as suggested by jules)
in your juce_LibrarySource.cpp do the following replacement


and it seems to work (crashes and asserts show the correct source lines)