Amalgamation was quite useful


It was really nice when I wrote the DspFilters demo app, to be able to include Juce as just a single .h and .cpp file. It seems we are losing that ability with the restructuring. In my opinion, this is a mistake.

Having a single .h and .cpp as the “nuclear power reactor” that turbo charges an open source app by providing the wonderful Juce framework is REALLY handy.

True, but it had a lot of disadvantages too. But remember that in the next part of the jucequake I’ll be introducing the ability to automatically copy the modules into a sub-folder of your project - that’ll give you the same degree of embeddedness, but will be easier for compilers and debuggers to handle, and although there’ll be more files, it won’t actually take up any more space.

I’m not worried about this, it was a pain to debug. And the “amalgamated”-references in the plugin header me have me crazy. I prefer when there is only “one way” to do something, and reducing the number of conditions will also reduce the number potential side-effects / bugs.

If the new way to get the old “amalgamation” functionality is just to have a few more .cpp and .h (say, 3 or 4) then I guess I could be okay with it.

But still, it was nice to just add the two files. Much like how sqlite comes as an amalgamation.