Amalgamation won't compile in XCode 4 for Mac


I include unmodified copies of juce_amalgamated.cpp, juce_amalgamated.h, and in my XCode 4 project and I get a zillion errors.

Here is a screenshot

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2011-08-18 at 4.27.36 PM.png[/attachment]


When I use the Juce Demo project (without “modernizing” it to XCode 4), I am able to remove the files, and replace it with the and it compiles…


“Modernizing” the Juce Demo.xcodeproj file from 3.1 to 3.2, also compiled correctly with the single juce_amalgamation.cpp


Would have been nice to know about the “JUCE_ObjCExtraSuffix” macro, Jules…


Finally got the thing working…soon I will upload a new DspFilters that has a proper XCode 4 project for all platforms including iOS, 32/64 bit, etc…