ANALOG circuit

Hey Guys! Do you know if there are any ways in JUCE to set analog circuit in audio plugin? I tried made it with other headers (pluginconstants.h and pluginobjects.cpp), but I have to completely rebuild my code architecture.

What do you mean by “set analog circuit in audio plugin”?

I`am trying to add character, color in my compressor. I think, this is possible, if I emulate analog circuit in the
plugin processor.

Ah. Yes, you can certainly emulate an analog compressor. Not really related to JUCE itself, though. I don’t think JUCE provides specific emulations, but you may find some of its DSP code helpful. But for true emulation of a specific piece of hardware, you will need to delve into how that hardware is built, study its schematics and technical details, and write code the as closely as possible responds the way that the actual hardware does. Here’s a little article that I found that talks about hardware compression emulation. Maybe it will help you:

Thanks, Howard, I will read.