Android push notification empty

I have another problem with push notifications.
When the app is open, everything is working fine.
When the app is running in background and I click on a received notification, it is not working. PushNotifications::Listener::handleNotification() gets called, but the passed notification is just empty. All members are empty and the properties are also empty. This was working before.

I have to be honest, your support of these things is really bad. It’s a new error/crash every other week for me. It’s really frustrating.

Are you able to git bisect to find out the specific commit where it stopped working?

For this project, not really. Juce modules are not part of our git repository (which in hindsight they should be). So I have problems jumping back in time.

My problem still persists.
I double checked the incoming notification, that I receive, when I click on the notification with the app in the background. The app is brought to the front, handleNotification is called, but the received notification is empty. All members are empty. Notification::property is a var of type void.

I’m on Android 7.