Android Studio coding tips with JUCE

Hi Guys,

I am using Android studio on Mac. And recently, I am looking into Juce on android. I have been a juce user since juce 1.x so I am quite familiar with Juce on pc and mac.

After some trial and errors (actually a lot of them) configuring android projects, I have successfully build and run many juce example projects/demos and have built a skeleton for juce android audio app.
But I found two things very annoying and make the development slow. Wondering how you guys deal with these two:

  1. C++ juce Code navigation in Android Studio. I tried right click->then Go to-> declaration or implementation… then the IDE either goes to the .#include header file line in one of the juce headers, or doing nothing at all…
    So how do you “go to definition” like what in Xcode or VS?? I think I must be missing something…

  2. The gradle build process is quite slow, especially for release build variant. I tried some tips on Internet like tuning up the VM options (larger ram settings for the VM) and I think it helped a little. But it still takes like over half a minute to build and open in device (debug build variant). I think my Macbook pro (2016 i7 new model) should be very good in performance…
    Any suggestion that could speed up more?

Thanks a lot for sharing.

I’d be interested in this aswell. I seem to get stuck here at “building symbols” for a long time… Sometimes I have to kill AS and restart. This seems to happen every time i switch projects or start up AS.

Yes, I’ve reported this as a bug to the AS developers and they have told me that they will include an option to disable the rebuilding of symbols.

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