Announcing beta CLion support in the Projucer


Hey Tom,

Really liking this Clion support. I am a big fan of Jetbrains’ products.

One question I have, using the Mingw toolchain, I find my linking time is astonishingly lengthy. Like several minutes, and I don’t have a huge project or any more dependencies than JUCE.

I have a feeling this must be a flag that’s missing from some linker options, but I’d be able to narrow down the cause if I knew if other JUCE users had similar experiences linking with that toolchain.


Had the exact same problem, which is why I switched to Linux for C++ dev.


Okay, that makes sense. Funny enough, having VS 2015 installed, Clion can use that as a toolchain too - it doesn’t support debugging with it however, but it links the same project in about 0.1 seconds. My guess is that MinGW / ld is statically linking to the system libs while VS is avoiding that with dynamic linking.


That’s so odd. I would prefer to export something to CMake (via CLion exporter) just to get my hand on a CMakeLists.txt that I can then use with CMake the usual way.

I guess that’s not how it was intended to be used?


Hi all,

Maybe this is a dumb question but where did all the header files get to in clion?
Ones like PluginProcessor.h …
I can’t seem to find them in the clion project anywhere.
I have the latest version of juce and clion and OSX 10.13.2
Thanks for your advice.
Would love to avoid xcode !


Try changing the root directory. The standard root is the folder of the CMakeLists file. You can change the root like this: Tools -> CMake -> Change project root
And then select the folder that contains your .jucer file (works best for me).


Any new about fixing notable issues? i.e. on MacOS you cannot build fat binaries or AUv3 plug-ins or embed resources, and application icons are unsupported on all platforms.