Announcing JUZE - A JUCE fork with standardized spelling

Always wondered why g.setColor(Colors::gray) doesn’t compile? Ever got confused about what to initialise and what to initialize?

Then JUZE is the answer to a more streamlined development process with the excellent framework that JUCE is. Find the github links, read the whole story and some insightful FAQ here:

We provide a fork of JUCE master and a ruby script to convert any other branch and your own projects. Projucer works without any manual intervention.

Also as of today we have the first public alpha release of our drum sampler Sitala ready. Of course it compiles and runs with JUZE. Feel free to give it a shot and send feedback.


As a dirty American who got bitten by this a number of times when I started using JUCE, this pleases me.

As a developer horrified by the thought of the maintenance required for this and conversion required, I laughed at the last part:

Is this serious?
No. Mostly.

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Please, make the conversion script support EmojiJUCE ! :grinning:


Yee-haw! Making JUCE Great Again! :us:


They won’t be happy until ALL vestiges of European have been irradicated from our language. They do realise that we pronounce ‘colour’ differently don’t they? It’s not a ‘Britishism,’ it’s our fucking language! LOL.

We posted a pull-request here:

Any chance this will get accepted? @jules


Ummm…I don’t think this is a nationalist conspiracy, but rather a 1st of April joke. I could be wrong, of course, given that emojis are now part of Juce & Americans hate emojis.


I’m so angry at you guys. I wanted to be the first one to do something like that. Now nobody will care about my own JUCE fork with all the API words translated in French with french accents and french emojis :frowning:


Excuse my french :baguette_bread::wine_glass: :slight_smile: