Anouncing "pluginval" an open-source cross-platform plugin validation tool


Thanks for the interesting tool! My own plugin passed 3 times successfully at level 10.

I however found a plugin from another developer that crashes. That however didn’t cause the plugin to be reported as failed, is that expected behavior from the validator? (I suspect the problem happens at plugin destruction time…)


Hmm, it should get reported as failed, you should get a log message with something like
"ERROR! Plugin crashed"

Is this repeatable? Can you let me know the plugin, platform and format so I can check?


Just for info really… but we had one that crashed on destruction due to removing change listeners in the destructor of the processor, and this was being called on a thread other than the message thread.


Can anyone please test this plug-in on Windows 10 on their system (free demo):

It fails to scan using the JUCE Host… but does work in Tracktion Waveform.

When I drag the .vst onto pluginVal it shows:

Exception thrown at 0x00007FFA31CABD29 (bx_console SSL 4000 E.dll) in pluginval.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000101D012C. occurred

at line 2136 in juce_VSTPluginFormat.cpp