Verified by pluginval

Hi all, at ADC I announced our “Verified by pluginval” scheme to help promote conscientious developers who actively test their plugins.

The first round of responders are now live on the website and can be seen here:

Over the coming weeks we’ll be looking at ways to share this info with our community so please get in contact if you want to be involved or have any suggestions.

To be featured, all you need to do is run the latest version of pluginval over your plugins for each format and OS on a “strictness-level” of 5 or more and send us the log files at or via our support system here


That’s an awesome initiative, thanks @dave96!

The log you are talking about is just piping the output in a file? Or does pluginval write a log somewhere?

Just managed --strictness-level 10 with my open source plugin, is there a bonus for “high scores”? :wink:
(Sorry for showing off…)

Nice! Sounds like I will have a long weekend ahead of me…

Just the output of the log file.
I’ll hopefully be adding a command line option to generate these automatically this afternoon.

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Hopefully not too long! I’m aiming to make this very easy to add to your build chain (will add some docs later today).

I have a dozen plugins, 32bits, 64bits, AU, AUv3, VST, VST3, goign to be long :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you build them all with CI?

Also, pluginval doesn’t come in a 32-bit variety for simplicity (I’ve also not tested it with AUv3 tbh although that should simply be a case of a build setting).

No, it’s built manually on my two boxes (using travis and appveyor is not worth it for what I do, at this stage).

Noted for 32bits!