Anouncing "pluginval" an open-source cross-platform plugin validation tool


When you say is “doesn’t appear to be working anymore”, what does pluginval output?

Also, what options have you go set? If you use the “–validate-in-process” option, does it crash the app?

And does VST2 work? Is it just VST3?


“pluginval v0.2.3 - JUCE v5.4.3” is the only output I get in the GUI console when starting the testing in an external process.

In-process just makes pluginval immediately disappear with my intentionally buggy plugin. I didn’t even get the Windows crash dialog.

If I remove the intentional bug in my plugin, pluginval seems to be working when doing the testing in-process.


Hmm, it sounds like it is working, but it’s crashing (as expected) before the output can be piped back to main process. That’s why you don’t get much of a log.

That shouldn’t happen though, the stack trace at the time of the crash should be sent back to the parent process.

If you try to validate other plugins does it work or do you always get a blank log?

Also, try running it from the command line with the “–validate-in-process” option. Does the log appear there or is it also truncated?


Great suggestion. I feel good.