Any Anti-Piracy/DMCA Services you can recommend?

Our second plugin got cracked pretty quickly and after one nice piracy site who took down the crack after asking politely, others arent that cooperative…

Are there any website takedown services you can recommend for our niche?
Are you using services that take down illegal cracks of your software automatically?
I know its a war you cant win, but these should really not appear on the first 3 pages when googling our plugin…

You could use services like Link Busters. Yes, crime is never ending, it won’t go away so you can’t win but you don’t have to lose either. A balanced strategy where you have strong protection (eg. Pace) and engage with taking down the links when they arrive (eg. Link Busters) will be a reasonable way to proceed in an imperfect world if you want to dedicate the resources (time and money) into doing something about it.

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Hi moritzsur,

I’m in the same boat… I also found the way to remove some links on certain websites. Feel free to PM me if you want to exchange info about that.

Did you find a way to report websites that don’t comply with DMCA reports or ignore them?

Verbonaut: Do you know by any chance the starting fees of Link Busters at the moment?

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Commercially sensitive, not sure I should be saying, but they’re very approachable to ask for a quote.

I understand, no worries.

Since another large site took down the cracks on their own after a nice message, its not our focus right now… But I also found and this service from google that allows you to request a takedown: Report content for legal reasons - Legal Help

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