Anyone done a calendar component?

i actually need to have a component that works like an absolute calendar to let you select a date/time, switching between months and years, working in a similar manner to the colour selector, which you can popup anywhere you need.
has anyone already done this or i have to start it from scratch ? i know this is nothing fancy, but somehow is useful. any plans to have it in the appframework ?
just asking before reinventing the wheel another time !

How do you deal with this ?
Have you done a draft or something ?

Because I’d like to add functions to a “basic” calendar component, if any is available (instead of rewriting everything from scratch)

i have not started it already, but i will do in the next days cause i’m in the need. actually i’m focusing on other parts of my app, leaving the calendar to be a simple editable text label with some checks on the date validity.
what i would like to implement is a calendar component that lets you:

  • select a single date
  • select date ranges by dragging (and return ranges as an Array)
  • select the date format you want as output (as String or as Time or RelativeTime)
  • automatically fill a text editor if you pass one
  • letting it to be configurable on the user locale (months/days in your preferred language)
  • letting it to be configurable on which working days you want to display first or not to display at all.
  • use it as inline popup (ala ColourSelector)
  • ability to specify a header component (in which you can select to browse months/years or not)
  • what else… eh!

i dunnow when i’ll start it, but sure is one of the things i need most actually…