Anyone have a template github pipeline for building / signing / notarising a Mac OS plugin using PACE tools?

I don’t have a Mac OS device to test/build on.
So, I’m relying on github pipelines.
I tried to setup my pipeline before and ran out of minutes on github, due to the 10x mulitpler for mac OS.
So, I want to save pipeline minutes by using some form of template.

I want a universal build (M1) support. And I want to sign / notarise my builds, and I want to generate an installer

This may be your best bet as far as open-source plugin CI pipelines go. It supports macOS notarization/code-signing, though it does not build installers.

Uncomment this line to build universal binaries on macOS: pamplejuce/CMakeLists.txt at main · sudara/pamplejuce · GitHub

Not sure about compatibility with PACE tools…

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You probably won’t find any public template for Pace tools. A few month ago, I had a short E-Mail conversation with them about the possibilities of setting up a GitHub Actions based build for an Open Source AAX plugin and the conclusion was that I was not allowed to set up an actions workflow that contains any public visible call to their tools, therefore I don’t expect any public template to exist, as it would violate their terms.

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would that be “not allowed” ?

Yes, of course :wink: I edited the post to fix it

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