AppConfig and Preprocessor macros


I used to build AAX and VST3 plug in both, and wanna wrote some code to behave differently on each plugin type like this.
#if JucePlugin_Build_AAX
return “Some AAX_Host”;
#elif JucePlugin_Build_VST3
return “Some VST3_Host”;
return “Not Support”;
I set the checkbox at Projucer ‘Build VST3’ and ‘Build AAX’ both. I found out that these settings are affect the AppConfig.h to define JucePlugin_Build_AAX and JucePlugin_Build_VST3 flags to be 1 simultaneously.
Meanwhile, In Xcode project it has auto generated build target settings which contains Preprocessor macros and it happen to be set like this.
JucePlugin_Build_AAX=1 JucePlugin_Build_VST=0 JucePlugin_Build_VST3=0 JucePlugin_Build_AU=0 JucePlugin_Build_AUv3=0 JucePlugin_Build_RTAS=0 JucePlugin_Build_Standalone=0 which seems to let plugin recognize the build target.

I checked out the flags on the runtime and it seems the AppConfig.h overrides the preprocessor macros. So it cannot distinguish on runtime whether it is AAX or VST because those flags are set to be 1.
I wonder is this normal behavior or I committed mistake. If it is how do I recognize the build target?


Use the PluginHostType class at run time or AudioProcessor::WrapperType