Apple Gatekeeper notarised distributables

I’m wondering the same thing, I see that they mention “non-app bundles” but then give kernel extensions as an example. We’ve only ever gotten warnings on unsigned apps and installers, but never plugins that run in a (signed) DAW

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Pure speculation: I guess its okay if the binaries/bundles inside the pkg. But if you have some kind of custom installer (like a self-extracting archive) you have notarise the binaries before and attach it via stapler.
But the final question is, is it even possible to notarise plugins at all or only app-bundles?

Just for anybody who’s interested:
If you manually code sign via “codesign” command you have to add “–options runtime” if you want to harden the runtime

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I’m not sure what the output of this thread is. Hope someone can clarify:

  1. Is it possible and required to notarise the plugins itself?
  2. Is it possible and required to notarise the installer *.pkg file?

I managed to successfully verify the pkg file and i want to share. My package contains a VST, VST3, AU and AAX. No standalone version.

First i signed the plugins, except for the AAX (this is already signed). I do this inside a XCode post build shell script, but it’s also possible to do this later:

codesign -s "$certificateId" "$HOME/Library/Audio/PlugIns/Components/$PRODUCT_NAME.component"

After that i have created a pkg containing the plugins. I used the script above to notarise and it worked in my case (thanks for sharing):

sh $NAME-installer.pkg --primary-bundle-id=id

I’m not sure what to use for the bundle identifier, because it is a package and does not have any. Anyway, i’ve received a status 0 successful :slight_smile:

Any input is welcome.


I just got this working with some tips from @dave96 . In my experience if you’re bundling everything up as a DMG file or pkg file you can just notarise the top level thing and it will notarise the contents. You don’t have to do plug-ins but if you’ve got a standalone app that would have to be codesigned with hardened run time, And then notarised


The bundle ID doesn’t matter according to Apple documentation

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I’d still love to understand whether or not code-signing the binaries is a requirement. @olilarkin’s post implies notarizing the top level pkg would be sufficient but: does that fail if the binaries are not code-signed?

Yes, I’m pretty sure they need to be codesigned using the --deep --strict --options=runtime flags.