Application Cancels Restart

When my JUCE app is running, if I try to Restart… from the Apple Menu, the app does indeed close as I would expect, but my application cancels the restart.

What could be causing the app to cancel restart?

  • I’m not explicitly trying to use a kiosk mode, and am not intentianally changing the SystemUIMode.
  • Am not doing anything in shutdown() besides deleting my main window.
  • The info message box which pops up with “The application canceled restart” happens after systemRequestedQuit() and before shutdown(), which I assume could just be async coincidence.
  • systemRequestedQuit() just saves some app settings, but the problem happens even if I don’t implement that virtual.
  • Using Juce v1.51.16

Any debugging tips would be appreciated.



Welcome to the Juce forum!

This sounds like a problem that I fixed a long time ago - if you update to a newer version, you should be fine.

Yep, I tried this with 1.52 and the app nicely allows a restart.


BTW, this being my first topic here, will take the opportunity to mention that JUCE is a pleasure to work with, brilliant.