Application utilities questions

Can someone say some more about it plz ?

Classes for language-localisation of string constants, using a simple translation file format.[/quote]
What is better than using your own static table ?

[quote]Undo/redo support using an undo manager and undoable action classes [/quote]What are the limits of actions undoable ? Is Juce listing easily the wholde user actions ?

Thank you

For info on property files, have a look at the PropertiesFile class…

A translation file is better than a static table because you can add new translations without rebuilding, and it makes it easier to manage multiple languages.

And no, there aren’t any limits on undo, other than how much memory you’ve got. No idea what the second half of your question means though!


About it, I made my own property component editor, before reading it exists in Juce.
Is juce property files only a developer facility (aesthetic only) or is this a facility for making a stronger code too ?..
I mean : what is for you the powerfullest advantage of using the PropertyComponent class ?