ApplicationCommandInfo - undoable flag

Hey Jules, would you be interested in adding an undoable property/flag to ApplicationCommandInfo?  I don't use the ValueTree undoManager so my usage doesn't map directly to juce specifics but it seems by definition it might make sense for ApplicationCommandInfo to hold this information. 

Can't really see how it'd belong in there (?)

My implementation of command processing is different than the standard juce tooling so I appreciate that it's not necessarily something you'd want to do, and I can work around it so it's no problem.

But for the sake of argument it does seem to make sense that it does belong in something representing a command definition.  Say someone is using your software and they ask how to do something?  You say, "Press cmd-R".  They say, "Ok, but can I undo it?".  So we're talking about commands right?  Key presses, active/enabled, undoable..  that's how I look at it anyway.

Yeah... that doesn't really feel like something that belongs in there to me. I guess there's an argument for allowing arbitrary metadata to be attached to a command, which could then be used for stuff like this, but I can't imagine a reason for adding anything specifically for undo/redo.

Well the imagineability of it would probably be something that's better debated over beers.  My setup is really quite different and i can see now that it doesn't fit in the juce mechanics.  I was probably being a bit lazy in requesting it!