ARM64 Assertions


I'm trying to run an application using Juce on a iPhone5s in 64 bit mode, but I'm hitting an assertion in juce_Atomic.h, line 205.

Jules, could you please take a look at the issue?

I'm using the latest tip from today.


Hmm - actually, it looks like since I wrote those stubbed-out functions, Apple have added support for the 64-bit ops in the later iOS SDKs.

I haven't got Xcode5 yet to try this myself, but you might want to just try commenting out that whole section, e.g.

//  #if JUCE_PPC || JUCE_IOS
//    // None of these atomics are available for PPC or for iOS 3.1 or earlier!!
//    template <typename Type> static Type OSAtomicAdd64Barrier (Type b, JUCE_MAC_ATOMICS_VOLATILE Type* a) noexcept  { jassertfalse; return *a += b; }
//    template <typename Type> static Type OSAtomicIncrement64Barrier (JUCE_MAC_ATOMICS_VOLATILE Type* a) noexcept    { jassertfalse; return ++*a; }
//    template <typename Type> static Type OSAtomicDecrement64Barrier (JUCE_MAC_ATOMICS_VOLATILE Type* a) noexcept    { jassertfalse; return --*a; }
//    template <typename Type> static bool OSAtomicCompareAndSwap64Barrier (Type old, Type newValue, JUCE_MAC_ATOMICS_VOLATILE Type* value) noexcept
//        { jassertfalse; if (old == *value) { *value = newValue; return true; } return false; }
//  #endif

..and see if it works correctly. It does seem to compile here for 32-bit ARM.


This indeed does the trick, it's running fine now!

Thanks, I'll remove them now. I vaguely remember those stubs just being there as a workaround until Apple got their shit together.

Thank you for the fast fix :)

If you could restore this code to juce_Atomic.h, but change the compilation conditional to




this would allow for 32-bit OSX audio plugins to continue compiling correctly, and will hopefully fix the iOS issue as well.


Sean Costello