Array of Buttons


I need to create a array of buttons with 8 columns and 5 lines, a total of 40 buttons.

How can I make them and create listeners thats will lead to only one "buttonThatWasClicked" ?

Do I have to create 40 buttons, one by one ?


Use an OwnedArray of Buttons then create them in your constructor in a loop and add them to the parent’s listener list.

There are a number of ways you can identify which button was pressed in the listener callback, probably the easiest would be to name the buttons with incremental ID’s


Thank you for your reply Rail

Is it asking to much to give me one example ?



There's a near exact example of what you want to do in the JUCE demo "Timers & Events" page. Take a look at the code and just substitute FlashingComponent for TextButton or whatever you want to display. It also has a lot of listener examples.

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Thank you dave and Rail