Assertion playing edit with midi clip set to midi channel 16

HI. I’m trying to build little sequencer with tracktion engine, I’m really new to it, and having trouble with playback if midi clip in tracks is set to channel 16, what am I doing wrong? Here’s how I insert midi clip in track:

tracktion_engine::MidiClip::Ptr EngineCore::createMidiClip(int trackNumber)
    if (auto track = EngineHelpers::getOrInsertAudioTrackAt (edit, trackNumber))
        auto &dev = track->getOutput();
        dev.setOutputByName("Tracktion MIDI Device");
        // Find length of 1 bar
        const tracktion_engine::EditTimeRange editTimeRange (0, edit.tempoSequence.barsBeatsToTime ({ 2, 0.0 }));
        track->insertNewClip(tracktion_engine::TrackItem::Type::midi, "MidiClip", editTimeRange, nullptr);
        if (auto stepClip1 = getClip(trackNumber)){
            auto &s = stepClip1->getSequence();
            s.addNote(48, 0, 2, 25, 0, nullptr);
    return {};

I have this assertion in MidiAudioNode.cpp
jassert (channelNumbers.getStart() > 0 && channelNumbers.getEnd() <= 16);
sems like channel number getEnd is setted to 17, but i dont know why.

Thanks for the report, I just pushed a fix for this, will take some time to appear. In the meantime, you can ignore that assert, messages will be sent on the correct channel.

Got it. Thank you!