Attach a JUCE-Window to another Application Window and make it a "child process" of it (Win/Mac)

i have written VST3 plugin that lives within a max for live device and is hosted by vst~. Works fine so far. However, I have the problem that the plugin window does not behave like a native plugin window in Live. In Live, all plugin windows are child windows of the main window, have no separate icon in the taskbar, and always stay on top of the main window until they are closed. vst~ opens the plugin as a separate (floating) window that gets an icon in the taskbar and also disappears behind the live window when you click into it. The best solution would probably be if vst~ provided an option to open the plugin window as a child window of the main window (as you can do with patcher windows). However, I doubt that vst~ will ever get such an option. So I wonder if I can achieve this programmatically with JUCE? I know from my Windows background that there is an api function setParent. Would that be the way I would have to go? Is there an equivalent under MacOs? Or does JUCE already provide such functions?