Attributed strings not word wrapping

I got a report from a user that text isn’t drawing correctly on Windows 10, but of course it looks fine on my Windows 10 system. I make an AttributedString and draw it with it’s draw method. Has anybody sen anything like this?

Seems to be happening with normal strings as well. Lovely screenshot from user:

Does your app using any special Font like an in-memory font? (Just to try to narrow down the problem).

This actually looks like a very old bug that we fixed in 2015!

There are two different layout systems - it’d be helpful to know whether this is being produced by the DirectWrite layout engine, or by the juce fallback engine. (I’m guessing it’s DirectWrite)

This is my own fork of juce, I thought I’d been pulling all changes across, I guess I missed / broke something. I’ll try and find the change.