AU don't show there Parameters as Text in Juce Plugin Host

I build the JUCE-Plugin-Host from the latest tip, at it seems the AU don't show there parameters as text (see comparing attachment with logic)

Also it seems that my new build AUs, don't show there Parameters in Logic (the other way round)

Can someone cross check?, i use the CoreAudio Files from Apple-Developer-Network.....(from February 2012, with patch applied)



If you mean the labels like Hz and dB, these are now missing for me in my AU builds too.


its seems also the other way is broken, parameters of juce-plugins don't show as text in the hosts

was this ever been fixed? 

To answer my self, no, AU-Plugins show their values as number between 0.-1., VST use getParameterText()

Jules, could you have a look?

I did implement this recently - it relies on the new AudioProcessorParameter class, which has string<->value conversion methods that you can override.

Ah okay, there should be a warning when using the new parameter-class, to prevent accidently overwriting the old getParameter/setParameter... callbacks.