AU failing to load with 4 in 2 out

I have set the properties to be 4 in 2 out (2xstereo inputs and 1xstereo output) and this works fine with ableton live, but it doesn’t work with logic 8 or the auval tool of which has output below. Can someone please shed some light on the situation? I beleive it’s to do with the change of channel layout support with logic 8 which now has dropped support for the unofficial layout. Are their plans for juce to support the offical spec of au in the future?

Max OS 10.5.5
Juce v1.46

From the core audio doc:
kAudioUnitErr_FormatNotSupported = -10868

     AU Validation Tool
     Version: 1.2.1b3 
      Copyright 2003-2007, Apple, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

     Specify -h (-help) for command options

VALIDATING AUDIO UNIT: ‘aufx’ - ‘CyBc’ - ‘CytM’

Manufacturer String: Cytomic
AudioUnit name: Cytomic BusComp
Component Info: Clean compressor for entire mixes
Component Version: 0.0.2 (0x2)
Component’s Bundle Version: 1.0.0

    • PASS

JUCE v1.46
Time to open AudioUnit: 28.069 ms
Time to open AudioUnit: 0.497 ms
FATAL ERROR: Initialize: result: -10868